Barcelona En Comú endorses Zagreb je NAŠ and the Green-Left Coalition for the local elections in Zagreb

On May 16th 2021, local elections will be held in the capital of Croatia. Barcelona en Comú supports Zagreb je NAŠ (“Zagreb is ours”) together with the Green-Left Coalition and its candidate for mayor, Tomislav Tomašević. 

Zagreb je NAŠ is a sister platform of Barcelona en Comú, part of the international municipalist network Fearless Cities, which promotes municipalism, citizen participation, environmentally friendly politics and the extension of public space. After four years in the opposition, in this year’s election, the platform runs together with several green and leftist organisations and Tomislav Tomašević has the opportunity to become the mayor of Zagreb.

With only four members in the opposition of the City Council, Zagreb Je NAŠ managed to prevent some harmful decisions by using institutional tools. At the same time, they continued their activities on the streets and have gained a lot of support from Zagreb’s citizens throughout these years.

Their programme for this year’s elections includes a Green New Deal for Zagreb (energy transition, public transport and more green spaces), a strong social agenda and accessibility to social services and education for all neighbourhoods of the city, always taking into account gender equality. 

We encourage Zagreb’s citizens to vote Tomislav Tomašević of Zagreb je NAŠ and the Green-Left Coalition to make possible the municipalist change we are following in Barcelona.