Municipalize Europe

‘Municipalize Europe’ is the fruit of a collective, six-month process initiated by Barcelona En Comú with the participation of other Cities of Change, activists who work at European level and MEPs from different parties.

During the first half of 2017 we held a series of six public debates in different neighbourhoods of Barcelona, with the name ‘From the Neighbourhood to Europe’, in order to reflect on the relationship between municipalism and the European Union. The events covered issues that are priorities for cities, such as housing, water and energy and radical democracy. The debates demonstrated the great interest that European politics generates when it’s linked to the priorities of local communities.

The proposals in this document are drawn from the workshops held in the framework of ‘From the Neighbourhood to Europe’, and include contributions from municipalist organizations from across Spain. They aim to be the starting point of an open process, in constant evolution, in which we also want to include municipalist organizations from other countries.

Read the document here: