La BrigAda

We’re honored to invite you to participate in our exciting project -La BrigAda- a call to bring Barcelona en Comú supporters around the world to work alongside us in the final days of the Barcelona municipal election campaign, from May 21-27th.

Barcelona en Comú is a municipalist platform created in 2015 by the joining together of many civic forces and progressive political parties, led by Ada Colau, a successful anti-eviction activist who now serves as Barcelona’s first female Mayor. We won the municipal elections 4 years ago and have since carried out a popular program from Barcelona’s City Hall to feminize politics, fight against inequalities, and open the institutions to the general public. 

For the first time in history, Barcelona has increased social investments by over 50%, we’ve closed thousands of illegal tourist flats, 30% of new housing will be affordable, and we’re moving to access water and electricity out of private hands and bringing them under public, sustainable management. These are only a few examples of the changes we’ve reached for and by common people, in collaboration with civil society as our core partner, instead of banking and business lobbies.

As such, Barcelona is a critical battleground in the global struggle in defense of radical democracy, solidarity, and social justice, putting people above the power of big corporations. We want to continue proving that there is another way of doing politics, not only in Barcelona, but all around the world, particularly in this crucial moment in which Europe is facing the rise of neofascism. 

Over the last 4 years, we’ve built a global network to connect, inspire, and learn from municipalist movements near and far. We’re now calling on our friends and allies in Fearless Cities and other sister projects to keep this vision of hope and international solidarity alive.

Join us in Barcelona to defend our city and win the May 26th elections again. We need your presence, creativity and support. They want us divided but we’re coming together en comú.

During the 5 days of the La BrigAda there will be a range of campaign-related and social activities organised, with the aim of building community and sharing the message to people in Barcelona that voting for Ada Colau and Barcelona en Comú is important not only for this city, but also for the world. Some of these activities will be large rallies in main squares and others will occur at the neighborhood level. Our basecamp will be a space for networking and collaboration, drawing on our different backgrounds as activists. 

Brigade-specific activities:

  • Welcome gathering and dinner (on the night of Tuesday 21st)
  • Campaign orientation and exchange (on Wednesday 22nd)
  • La BrigAda headquarters / social media and press center
  • Barbecue en comú (on Saturday 25th)

Campaign main activities:

  • Porta a porta” (door-to-door neighbourhood campaigning)
  • Putting up campaign posters
  • Metro station outreach
  • Final candidate debate watching party 
  • Info tables in main squares 
  • Closing rally of the campaign
  • ELECTION DAY - watching results come in and celebrating with everyone in the campaign (on Sunday 26th)