Why are we inviting our friends and allies from abroad to support the campaign?

Barcelona is a critical battleground in the global struggle in defense of life, solidarity, and putting people above the power of big corporations. We want to continue proving that there is another way of doing politics, not only in Barcelona, but all around the world, particularly in this crucial moment in which Europe is facing the rise of neofascism. Over the last 4 years, Barcelona en Comu has built a global network to connect, inspire, and learn from municipalist movements near and far. We’re now calling on our friends and allies in Fearless Cities and other sister projects to keep this vision of hope and international solidarity alive.

Why is it called “La BrigAda”?

There is a proud history of defenders of democracy coming to Barcelona to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War. Thousands of volunteers participated in the International Brigades and supported the Popular Front from 1936-39, and while the current context is quite different, we want to echo this spirit of solidarity and shared struggle. Ada is also the first name of our anti-eviction activist turned Mayor (Ada Colau), who heads our civic platform Barcelona en Comú.

What are the dates of La BrigAda and can I come for more or less days?

Official dates of stay are from May Tuesday 21st to Monday 27th. The election is on Sunday, May 26th. If you plan to arrive earlier, please ask hostels for availability, as there may still be special discounts for the project. In the registration form you can indicate if you want to come for additional weeks or days. In this case, it would be especially helpful for you to have campaign and language skills to add capacity to our efforts. We’re currently not programming any BrigAda activities on the 27th as this will be a return travel day for many participants.

Who will be participating in the BrigAda?

We’re hoping for over 100 participants from allied movements and political platforms around Europe and around the globe to join us in Barcelona for the final days of the campaign. We need your presence, creativity and support!

When is the deadline to register to participate in the BrigAda?

Registration will be open until May 8th (and possibly later), although we encourage people to fill out the form as soon as they can. Please note that discount hostel group rates may expire soon. Remember to check the validity of your passport/identity card.

Is there financial support for La BrigAda participants?

As we are not financed by the big banks or corporations, we don’t have resources set aside to support travel or housing. That said, we have negotiated reduced rates with local hostels and will be making every effort to ensure food and other needs during your stay are as economical as possible. 

What are the available housing arrangements?

We have put on hold rooms in several local hostels with negotiated reduced rates ranging from 19-40€/person/per night. Please note these special rates listed below may expire. You are responsible for making payment and confirming the booking details, La BrigAda team will not manage your booking for you. Please take note that you should pay the City tax of 0,72€/person/night. You may also make arrangements to stay with local friends on your own. 

  • Martí Codolar Residence (http://marti-codolar.salesians.cat/hospederia/marti-codolar)
    • You have 2 options: hotel or hostel:
      • Hotel: from 23,25€ to 40€/person/per night (breakfast included) depending if you want a single, double, triple or quadruple room. Discount code: BrigAda.
      • Hostel: 19€/person/per night (breakfast included). There is 28 places divided in 2 groups of 16 persons and 12 persons. Perfect if you are a group. (discount code: BrigAda and the reference 20065 for the hostel).
    • Contact: phone at +34 934 291 083 (24/24 7/7) or email at reservas.marti-codolar@salesians.cat 
  • Unite hostel (https://unitehostel.com)
    • 35€/person/per night (breakfast NOT included) less discount code of 15%. Breakfast price: 5,50€. Discount code: BrigadaBcomuUnite.
    • Contact: phone at +34 930 186 666 or by email at bookings@unitehostel.com 
    • Take note that this promotion offer made for us by the Unite Hostel is only if you book between 21.05.19 to 27.05.19, with a discount of 15% with a minimum stay of 2 nights including Saturday 25th. Fare non-refundable. If you reserve after the March 31st, the price could change. 

Do I need to speak Spanish or Catalan to participate?

It is not required that you speak either Catalan or Spanish, but we want to prioritize participants with greater language skills as this will result in a richer experience and will be more useful for outreach and get-out-the-vote efforts. While most campaign rally speeches and official print materials will be in Catalan, the large majority of Barcelona residents can speak Spanish and are used to switching between the two. In the registration form we ask you to list your language skills/needs and we will call on willing BrigAda participants to assist with language interpretation needs for others. 

What other skills are we looking for in the ideal BrigAda participant?

Beyond language abilities, the most important attribute of ideal participants is a shared commitment to justice, grassroots democracy, and an enthusiasm to plug in… and win! We are especially excited to welcome those with election campaign experience, who are comfortable speaking with potential voters or with the media, and those who can create and/or share content via social media networks to hype La BrigAda efforts and the importance of this election.

What will La BrigAda participants do and what will the daily schedule look like?

During the 5 days of La BrigAda there will be a range of campaign-related and social activities organised, with the aim of building community and sharing the message to people in Barcelona that voting for Ada Colau and Barcelona en Comú is important not only for this city, but also for Europe and the world. Some of these activities will be large rallies in main squares and others will occur at the neighborhood level. 

  • Brigade-specific activities:
    • Welcome gathering and dinner (on the night of Tuesday 21st)
    • Campaign orientation and exchange (on Wednesday 22nd)
    • La BrigAda headquarters / social media and press center
    • Barbecue en comú (on Saturday 25th)
  • Campaign main activities:
    • “Porta a porta” (door-to-door neighbourhood campaigning)
    • Putting up campaign posters
    • Metro station outreach
    • Final candidate debate watching party 
    • Info tables in main squares
    • Closing rally of the campaign
    • ELECTION DAY- watching results come in and celebrating with everyone in the campaign (on Sunday 26th)

How are La BrigAda activities being coordinated?

There is a team of volunteers within the Barcelona en Comú International Commission helping arrange La BrigAda activities in collaboration with the rest of the campaign. There will be a BrigAda Basecamp from May 21-26 where participants can find each other, network, and receive updates and logistical support. Everyone will receive a welcome orientation upon arrival, a schedule of daily activities, and also space for self-organized events in various languages.

I can’t attend La BrigAda--is there anything else I can do to support the campaign?

Yes! You make sure that other members of organizations that already share a friendly relationship with Barcelona en Comú know about La BrigAda, and during the campaign you can uplift our efforts by sharing content via your social media networks. 

Will there be materials or merchandise available for participants?

Participants will have access to Barcelona en Comú campaign materials (literature, pins, t-shirts, etc) in addition to La BrigAda orientation and schedule materials.

How much money should I bring with me?

You should calculate your budget taking into account hostel accomodation costs, transportation (a 10-trip public transit pass costs around 10€), food/drink (a 3 course lunch menu can run between 7-14€), and the number of days you will be staying. There are ATMs throughout Barcelona and most businesses accept credit cards.

What accessibility needs can you accommodate (childcare/diet/mobility/language/etc)?

The BrigAda organizing team is working to accomodate the needs of participants. There is space in the registration form to list your needs, dietary restrictions, and language skills. Our hostel options are wheelchair accessible (confirm details with individual rooms) and we will ensure there are vegan and vegetarian options available during big group meals. Depending on other needs that arise from registrants, we will co-create systems to meet the broadest range possible. Orientation materials will also highlight questions around local transportation, restaurants, basic safety precautions, and other info to ensure you feel welcome and well-cared for in Barcelona.

What should I bring with me to Barcelona?

Anything you would normally travel with: comfortable clothes, good walking shoes, toiletries, medicines, and items for a possible trip to the beach (swimwear, sunglasses, etc). You can double-check with the hostel to see if they provide towels. You may also wish to bring some mementos from your city/movement/political platform to share/swap with others you are sure to meet!